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Fishing for turbot along the many beaches in Rogaland is exciting. The fish is not the easiest to go for, but often we succseed in catching at least a few of these cool fishes. The turbot is found in very shallow water where it is laying on the bottom waiting for a sand-eel to pass. The ...

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The whiting is a fish found on quite deep water, and it prefers sand. Its usually easiest to catch in the dark hours. The whiting you catch from land is not very big, but still a fun and exciting kind of fishing.
A charming feature of the whiting is that it can be caught all year aroun...

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The wrasse is a fish which is found in shallow water just below the rocks you stand on. It is a strong fish that gives you a nice fight. We will feed the spot with crab, and sink down a hook baited with shrimp - and wait for a take..
The wrasse is good to eat, and is well know for its qua...

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The mackerel visits the norwegian coast in the summer, and gives us a the possibility to fish for the striped hunter. It is usually easy to catch, and it is a strong oponent that don't give in without a fight.
Fun to catch, good to eat - what more can you ask for?
The best time for this...

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The plaice is a flounder that can grow up to 7 kg. Usual size is 0,6-1 kg - but you never know...
This fish must be considered difficult to catch, and is for those who likes an challenge. The plaice is very picky when it comes to food - so the choice of bait and how to present it is cruci...

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The dabb is a flounder that can be fished all year around. It can be cought both day and night, and is usually not so hard to ask. It is fished with bait on the bottom, and can be a quite relaxing kind of fishing. It is though never wrong to move the bait a bit from time to time..
Best time...

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This is a strong and big fish which lives in quite shallow water. It hunts near land, and is therefor an exciting target for the shore-angler. The best time of the year is from Mai-december. Fishing in cloudy/rainy days is a good choice. If the sun shines, it is usually a good idea to wa...

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2 weeks ago
fantastic guide, Great experience! got to choose what fish to try to catch, learned a lot about the fish in the area, tips and tricks for fishing and most importantly, got to taste the catch!
- Tommy B
2 years ago
Great experience!
- Jacob G

Guided fishing-trips in Egersund

The area of Magma geopark offers a big variety of fishing. Why not try a fishing-trip from land?
Choose from different trips - and I will do my best to help you catch it.
You don't have to bring anything but good clothes, suitable footwear, water and maybe something to eat. - I will provide you with all you need.
If you want to I will cook the catch for you on the spot - or you can bring it home, if thats what you want.
The fishing is done from land in beautiful surroundings - but where we will go is decided by the weather.
Choose a specie, and we will go out and catch one. Hard to decide wich one? Then I can decide for you.

Price: 690,- pr.pers

(This includes 5 hours of guided fishing, fishing-gear and (if you want) cooking the catch of the day on the spot.)

Order your trip here:
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4 63 51 36

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